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Sophie James

Sophie James


A Natural Evolution.

Sophie James Wines is a first generation, family owned, woman operated winery with vineyards situated atop Sonoma Mountain—700 feet above the fog line. While they partner with farmers and other viticultural experts to craft wines evocative of this distinct terroir, they also believe in letting nature do as much of the work as possible. Embracing natural and organic practices helps to produce their premium, members only wines.

As a new addition to their family of wines, the goal for the Sparkling Rosé was to not only evolve the existing packaging but to elevate it. Using wildflowers which grow amongst the vineyards themselves, the label is an ode to gathering with friends, celebration and evenings filled with joy and laughter.

“[We] worked so hard to create our new labels (and new packaging)! This Sparkling Rosé is really an extension of my heart and soul and I’m just so proud.”—Sophie Gray, Proprietor

The initial offering sold out within a week.


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