Outlier Wine Co.

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Outlier Wine Co.

Outlier Wine Co.


Trailblazing Pinot Noir.

After the success of winemaker Derek Rohllf’s Bravium and its membership-only sales strategy, Derek and Trinchero Family Estates wanted to create an accessible and more widely available wine—one sourced from unique, outlying vineyards where the grapes can develop a character of their own. Outlier is a wine shaped by the forces of nature—not human intervention—and needed a label which echoed this natural, minimal approach.

To tell this story, we commissioned artist Joanna Concejo to capture the rugged wilderness where the grapes are grown and beckon you somewhere you’ve never been before. We organized the typography along the cardinal axis with a gold compass in the middle to emphasize that the way forward is to boldly step into the unknown.

The result is a label which captures the spirit of the Outlier brand: a wine that is aligned with nature, with a depth and complexity that rewards those who take the time to explore.




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