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Be great all day.

With 29% of consumers actively seeking healthier options when browsing the shelves for wine*, The Rutherford Wine Company grabbed the opportunity to introduce a brand uniquely conceived to appeal to people that embrace an active lifestyle and who are conscious of what they drink.

The result is CA Sessions—a pair of low alcohol, carb and calorie wines that are deliciously perfect for summer afternoons. Branded with bold, bright colors and metallic foil that shimmers in the sunlight, these wines bring big personality to the table. To continue the winery’s commitment to sustainable practices, the wines are bottled in lightweight, eco-friendly glass to reduce carbon emissions during shipping. And in an unconventional move, nutritional information is prominently featured as a badge on the front label to emphasize the sessionability of these wines.

CA Sessions is a wine equally perfect for a picnic with friends as it is in your backpack on other adventures.


*NielsenIQ, “What Health & Wellness Trends are Growing in Beverage Alcohol,” November 2022


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